Short Game Videos

From shaping shots and working the ball around obstacles to getting your self out of a bunker, these videos are all about short game and getting to the green faster.

Working the Ball on the Course
Let's face it, the way most pros intentionally create a draw/hook or a fade/slice is to change their grip and either over-rotate or under-rotate their hands through impact. That's certainly one way to work the ball, but in our opinion, it doesn't give you enough control over how much shape is... Read More
Situational Shots: On The Course – Digital
Building off the fundamentals learned in "Working The Ball", Surge takes you out on the course for an advance lesson in shot shaping, using 14 real-life situations that nearly every golfer encounters. Shot in high definition video, "Situational Shots: On The Course" is a fully-illustrated step-by-... Read More
Situational Shots: Around the Green – Digital
You’re 50 yards from the flag stick. This is where you make it or break it...and this video makes sure you “make it”! Fantastic advice on a variety of short shots and difficult lies from PGA Master Professional Don Trahan and two-time PGA Tour Champion DJ Trahan. This video is the difference... Read More