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Surge Endorsed and Approved Golf Equipment. Here you will find various products that Surge has either had made specifically for the Peak Performance Golf Swing or products that he has personally used and endorses.

360CC head volume for more workability. Current trend of drivers does not promote distanct and control. Smaller head size is better for any golfer (reference the news about the "mini" drivers being seen on the PGA tour). This driver has a forged Titanium face. Two lofts are available: 10.5 degrees... Read More
This is our ultimate game improvement club yet still offers play-ability and control for all levels of golfers. Made from 304 Stainless Steel, this club has an ultra soft feel and offers maximum forgiveness and control. Available in 5 iron through Gap Wedge. Shaft and grip is determined based on... Read More
High moment of inertia hybrids designed to help you hit the ball straighter. Crafter from 431 stainless steel and available in the following lofts:  19 degrees, 22 degrees, 25 degrees, 28 degrees, 31 degrees, and 34 degrees. Shaft and grip is determined based on the player (see below). The fitting... Read More
A low profile club head designed for easy of getting the ball airborne. Available in 17 degree, 18 degree, and 19 degree. Made of 17-4 Stainless Steel for greater ball speed on off center hits and more consistency. Sole plate designed for play-ability from all types of lies. Shaft and grip is... Read More
A forged wedge with micro grooves for more spin and control. Made from 8620 Low Carbon Double Forged Steel with dynamic sole design more versatility on greenside shots. The extra rounded beveled back makes it easy to open the face and vary the loft. Shaft and grip is determined based on the player... Read More
A soft double forge club made from 1020 Low Carbon steel for the player that wants a great feeling yet forgiving "players" club. The CB Pro also has a macimum Contact Time resulting greater ball speed and ultimately more distance. The ultimate clube for playability and workability.  Available in 5... Read More