PPGS Driver Swing

PPGS Driver Swing with Don and DJ Trahan

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  • Driver Swinging Tips
  • Fitting your Driver
  • Perfect Drive
  • Finish square to the target

PGA Master Professional Don Trahan and two-time PGA Tour Champion DJ Trahan share their knowledge of how to hit the hardest club in the bag. For players looking to gain consistency with their driver, this video goes beyond simple fundamentals. We’re talking LONG. But that’s just the half of it. We’re talking LONG and STRAIGHT.  Master this club and that second shot on a par four will keep getting shorter and shorter!

This video emphasizes getting your driver fit for you from a PPGS certified fitter. Equipment manufacturers want you to think "longer is better" when it comes to a driver, that is not true. 99.9999% of all off-the-shelf drivers are too long. If your driver is not properly fit, this video will likely not yield results.

This video is an accompaniment to the Fundamentals of the Peak Performance Golf Swing video. You should have a working knowledge of the PPGS swing and familiar with the terminology used to explain the swing fundamentals to get the most benefit from this Driver video.

Runtime: 40 minutes

PPGS Driver Swing : Trailer Video