Alignment with One Eye

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 12:00 -- Don Trahan

For most golfers, alignment is hard enough as it is. But, imagine if you only had one good eye. That's the situation Bob Biancucci is faced with every time he tees it up. 

Bob is blind in his right eye and is a right handed golfer. I've worked with a few golfers who have had limited vision and I tell them the same thing I tell everyone else. 90-95% of all problems arise out of poor alignment. If you're blind in one eye, that just means your pre-shot routine and setup has to be much more refined and consistent.


I am a faithful follower of your advice and the PPGS. I am 72 and PPGS works for me. I do have one problem that is alignment; something you talk about frequently. I have difficulty because I am blind in my right eye. I am right handed. I need help. Any suggestions?  

Bob Biancucci

When it comes to alignment and setup, you still have to understand the concept of being parallel left of your aiming line. You'll have to develop a solid walk-in and setup routine. In fact, it may be even more important if your vision is diminished in any way. But, the rules remain the same for golfers with two good eyes or one.

The Ultimate Alignment Video explains everything you need to know about alignment and your setup. There's things in this video that you won't hear ANYWHERE else. People have told me it's the best video I've ever done, and I think it's because after watching, Surgites are experiencing some of the best improvements they've ever had in the game of golf.

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Keep it vertical!

The Surge

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I can identify with Bob and his single eye dominance challenge. Though not blind in my right eye it has become weaker and blurry. This is just one more new and 'fun' challenge of aging. Only noticed this about a month ago. Kept thinking that I was not getting my reading and driving lenses clean but it was the right eye and not the glasses. Went to the eye doctor 3 weeks ago and according to her (after exam) it was simply a case of the perscription needing strengthening for the right eye. I am right side and formerly right eye dominant. The new glasses have not solved the problem and I am going back to the eye doc today to see what's really up. Meanwhile, I still do not wear glasses when playing golf. Yesterday I played 18 and it was a tale of two nines. Played the absolute worst over the first nine with two doubles and a triple shooting 49 and then on the back nine went par, bogie, par par par par par par and was looking at a potential 37 when I fatted an 8 iron approach and stumbled in with a finishing double for a 39. During that 6 hole stretch of pars I played really well and was applying rule 5. The first nine I must admit I was 'trying' a release move I found on line that was not PPGS. Stupid? Yes. Got back to 3/4's and PPGS on #10 and played really well then.
As for the eye thing it has been interesting learning to line up with my left eye only but it can be done:)

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Wondering if you are still around this group Sir.

The Google search I made for golfing with one eye came up with thus exact chat.

I recently lost my right eye in a work accident. I gave up Golfing.

My 13yr old Son Just asked me to buy him a season at the Local club.

Wondering if you could expound on learning with the bad eye. I'd like to Golf with my Son again..


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Submitted by ccmjr on

Clarification please. We should all know by now that the "toes" , knees, hips, shoulders and eyes need be aligned together (parallel) with the aiming line at set up. But, when the feet rotate outward prior to the swing the toes no longer align assuming that the rotation is around the heels. Meaning that the toes no longer align and the feet must return to the original line. Should the feet move as described or not?

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

By outward rotation I guess you are talking about foot flare. We set our foot flare simultaneously as we as we align 'prior to the swing' so the toes are on the line as part of the pre-swing set up. Below is a time Surge discussed a like topic that may help answer your question. There are other times we talked about this and I recall that the only exception might be when we have extreme foot flare of either foot (likely the front). In those cases we have to use reasonable judgement that applies to our own unique bodies/ abilities and liabilities (ie., bum hip or knee).

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and underneath the hip.
Thanks Mike, I knew we had several discussions on the flared feet and toe line. That was even more of what I was looking to give for that question. Good one, thanks. Again I know I have started experimenting with the flare more as of late because of lower back and hip/knee issues. We may make adjustments and still making sure we swing down the target line in balance and sufficient alignment as Surge mentions. I am working on finding those adjustments before I hit the first tee so I don't have to have a poor front nine:) It is great to have the wealth of tips and guidance from Surge. As they say, when the student is ready (or crippled) the teacher appears. Not really funny but true.
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I didn't go to the PPGS because of it's body friendliness but it is becoming my reason now, hence the need to do it right.

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