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Arm Position at Address - Posture Tip

Thu, 07/14/2016 - 01:39 -- Don Trahan

Another crucial tip for your posture at address. In a previous video we discussed ball position at address, today we discuss arm position at address - specifically reach. Lately, in schools, we have seen a few problems with posture in the arms at address. In this video, we distance from your body (reach) and a quick, easy way to check your arm position on course.  Your reach is a small but critical aspect of your setup and posture at address.

The distance your arms hangs from your body can greatly alter your center of gravity and affect the weight distribution between your toes and heels. If you are not in an athletically ready position and balanced your golf shots will suffer. 

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Submitted by Dave Everitt on

I get into a balanced posture at address by flexing both the knees and the ankles slightly, while lowering the shoulders. It's easy to forget that some ankle flexion is necessary to offset the knee flexion and help balance the weight over the arches of the feet when the shoulders and posterior are lowered.

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Submitted by MikefromKy on

You only have plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, inversion, eversion, pronation, and supination in the ankles could you please explain in a little more detail what you are doing when flexing your ankles. People tell me I am from the show me state I need people to draw pictures for me some times's picture

Submitted by joebernard05@ya... on

Your recent discussion on arm position at address was very helpful but left me with some questions. When I checked my irons, my left thumb was between my upper chin and nose just as you suggested. It seemed that the longer the club the further toward the nose I was. When I got to my driver, however, I was up into my hairline. What gives? Should my arms and thumb be in the same position for every club or should it get further away for longer clubs?

Also, can you suggest any drills to improve arm rotation through the hitting area? I have long had a problem with leaving the face open at impact.

Thanks for doing these videos. They have really helped me.

Joe Bernard

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Submitted by leogrillo on

This has been a question of mine for years! About a month ago I figured out how to tell if I am there. This works for me, after gripping the club by hanging my arms down and letting them fall on the grip naturally ....

I set up on the ball with the club face square to the target, then I get into my stance. But just before I do anything else, I lift the club about a foot and let it back down to where it falls naturally from my stance. It is usually off in one direction or another by as much as half a club face, toward either the toe or the hosel.

I then step forward or back the same distance I am off and bounce the club again until the club face falls on the sweet spot naturally. That is now my entire pre shot routine and I hit the ball on the sweet spot more than ever.


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Submitted by Dave Everitt on

This sounds like a very clever idea, I can't wait to try it. The beauty of this method is that it should work well with any kind of lie (sidehill , downhill or uphill) and it provides a good double check after accordioning down. It's also a good way to check grip pressure.

I was having some problems playing today on the front nine because it was very windy and as it turns out, my right hand grip had become too loose. I slightly increased the pressure of the middle two fingers of my right hand while playing the very windy back nine and "wow" what a difference. Every shot was longer and straighter and felt more solid through impact.

Too bad it's taken me so long to realize how well this right hand grip adjustment works with the right sided backswing that Surge teaches.

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Submitted by adukedad on

Surge, I'm very athletic but it is hard for me to bend my knees after playing college football and it is driving me crazy that I can't find a swing on the Internet to be a good golfer, I will not give up. Surge I Need Help !!!, I have never played enough to be a real good golfer but I used to drive the ball over 300 yds not consistently. Know that I'm 58 I would like to play golf more and lose some weight's picture

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Hello, is-it possible when you are finishing the backswing that your left arm hides the ball on the ground for a very brief instant ? I think I'm about to understand something very important to succeed in the triangle position but I noticed that my left arm was keeping me to see the ball just before the bump and the swing down. I was surprised because the shots were sometimes very good despite of this.
How do I know that I need to stop my backswing and go down ? Am I to close or to far from the ball ? Thanks a lot if someone has a good advice. And sorry if this topic is already explained elsewhere. Regards !

Sorry This has been already explained. It seems I'm lifting my arms up too high.'s picture

Submitted by on

when i make my downswing after the bump, does my left hip automatically move back 90 degrees or less on a diagonal?'s picture

Submitted by on

Does Surge still make daily videos as I don't seem to get them.'s picture

Submitted by davidwestcott33... on

Hi Serge,

I have sore shoulders when I swing. Any ideas?

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Submitted by davidwestcott33... on

Hi Surge, I get two sore shoulders when I play. Any ideas?

David Westcott

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Submitted by go4eagle on

Congratulations on making the PGA Tour!!!'s picture

Submitted by bogolfpro@hotma... on

DJ congratulations! I work in the golf shop at Village Greens and see your dad there every day I work! You’ve made him proud! I was so excited when you changed to T-7 today and got your card back! Congratulations again!

Bob O’Neil