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Finding Your Neutral Balanced Setup

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 20:58 -- Don Trahan

No one that plays this game is immune to having problems in their golf swing and anyone that says otherwise is crazy. As issues can creep into our golf swing, your body can be your best friend in finding those issues. Listen to what your body is telling you. Do you have aches? Sore muscles?

The PPGS is a body-friendly swing and you should have no problem playing golf without aches and pains - baring any other physical issues. That being said, if you are having soreness, aches, etc. then something is not right. This happens to us all, including myself!


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Submitted by Steve Smith on

I don't really play much golf anymore (or look at golf blogs) but I was bored and looked in to see if any of the old crew was still around.
Looks like not.

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Submitted by Dale S. on

I check in occasionally, but having all the material, there's not much new to learn. I'm just too old and stiff to put it to good use anymore. I don't know if there are just not many converts anymore, or why the activity has fallen off so much. Surge's new daily videos seem to be far fewer these days also.

I just got Tom Brady's new book on fitness and my objective is to get back enough flexibility to make a decent swing, it gets harder every year.

I always enjoyed your posts since you seemed to have a good grasp on Surges teachings and put them to good use.

Good to see you're still around.


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Submitted by Brady on

Without new people, it is hard to keep this thing going. That is the reason for the decline in daily videos. So if you know someone, refer them, help us get new converts in because that is the only way for to stay online.

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Submitted by Silky1 on

Do we pull our arms down to start the backswing? If I just let my torso deliver the club to impact, I am hitting pulls.
Can you help?

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Submitted by Steve Smith on

Just let your lead arm fall straight down to start the swing (as your hips bump slightly forward). Your torso shouldn't be doing much at all at that point.
If you are trying to start your swing with your torso you are probably coming over the top and from the outside in.
Look at my avatar pic and I am halfway to the ball and my torso hasn't moved. No way I can come over the top from there.