Finding Your Neutral Balanced Setup

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 20:58 -- Don Trahan

No one that plays this game is immune to having problems in their golf swing and anyone that says otherwise is crazy. As issues can creep into our golf swing, your body can be your best friend in finding those issues. Listen to what your body is telling you. Do you have aches? Sore muscles?

The PPGS is a body-friendly swing and you should have no problem playing golf without aches and pains - baring any other physical issues. That being said, if you are having soreness, aches, etc. then something is not right. This happens to us all, including myself!


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I don't really play much golf anymore (or look at golf blogs) but I was bored and looked in to see if any of the old crew was still around.
Looks like not.

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I check in occasionally, but having all the material, there's not much new to learn. I'm just too old and stiff to put it to good use anymore. I don't know if there are just not many converts anymore, or why the activity has fallen off so much. Surge's new daily videos seem to be far fewer these days also.

I just got Tom Brady's new book on fitness and my objective is to get back enough flexibility to make a decent swing, it gets harder every year.

I always enjoyed your posts since you seemed to have a good grasp on Surges teachings and put them to good use.

Good to see you're still around.


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Without new people, it is hard to keep this thing going. That is the reason for the decline in daily videos. So if you know someone, refer them, help us get new converts in because that is the only way for to stay online.'s picture

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I’m a decent player 13 handicap recently broke 80 for the first time but still having so much trouble with consistency of contact. I just tried Surges knees Theory on the course and took it to the range and I have never struck the ball so consistently in my life. I am a new convert to surge and I am all going all in. I’m confused as to where to start for a solid base. Any input from you guys of been following for a while would be great. Thanks Ben

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Do we pull our arms down to start the backswing? If I just let my torso deliver the club to impact, I am hitting pulls.
Can you help?

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Just let your lead arm fall straight down to start the swing (as your hips bump slightly forward). Your torso shouldn't be doing much at all at that point.
If you are trying to start your swing with your torso you are probably coming over the top and from the outside in.
Look at my avatar pic and I am halfway to the ball and my torso hasn't moved. No way I can come over the top from there.

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Glad to see you are ok I have often wondered what had happen to you.
I also like Dale miss seeing your informative post on here .'s picture

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I was getting the stiff lower back too. I'll watch my neutral. Thanks, Surge!'s picture

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About 5 years ago when I was younger (61) I kinda half assed learning this swing. No way to succeed if I don't commit. Here I am older and in worse shape. I tried Shawn Clement, supposedly easy on the back. My game got worse. Couldn't break 90 after 2 years. Almost quit playing. Then I tried Mike Austin. Hit prodigious drives and occasionally broke 90 but my back was killing me. Again, was ready to quit. In the back of my mind was this weird way of playing the game. So, once again I broke out the videos and went back to the beginning. After 3 weeks I shot 74. Then I thought maybe I could combine a little from everything. My back didn't hurt as much but I haven't broken 80 since. I usually hurt from skull to toes. Been to the body shop too many times and am too old to bounce back. I've found that if I'm following the Surge's teachings I play better and don't hurt at all.

I too have been thinking about how to generate more interest. Until this method is shown to be successful by its practitioner's, winning club championships, tournaments, whatever, no one but us few will ever know how good it is. When others with pain learn they can play pain free by seeing our example we can gain more adherents to this method.

I'm in DFW. Anyone else around here? I'm committed to use this swing exclusively. It would be better to be able to play/practice with another Surge advocate. Any takers?

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Playing single length with PPGS for 1/1/2 years. Irons are great. Still working on hitting of the tee with a 3 wood in place of driving iron. 60 yrs old.