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Chipping and Pitching the PPGS Way - Stay Low, Not High

Sun, 10/06/2019 - 17:31 -- Don Trahan

Mainstream golf wants you to hit high for your short game. I completely disagree with this recommendation, teaching if you will. The PPGS is all about decreasing the amount of error and possibility of error in our swing. Hitting high for your short game shots just increases your margin of error.

Shape your shots for low trajectory.

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Submitted by wolftitan on

Great video Surge. I noticed several additional setup features of your daily video that some PPGS viewers might not realized. It looks like approximately 70% of your weight is on your front foot. The ball position is critical to keeping it low and you are spot on having the ball just inside your back foot. Next your hands are always set up ahead of the ball and remain so thru your swing. And last you are accelerating thru to impact and finish. An old pro once told me in order to hit good low running chips you must strike the match. Meaning accelerate thru the chip shot. Stay Vertical!!!

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Submitted by westwood on

100% agree. For me it is all about results and if I chip/pitch and run a lower shot I am far more accurate. Of course it doesn’t look as spectacular as a high wedge shot, watching it for several seconds in the air, but who cares!? If my shot finishes eg 10 feet from the pin, I often think to myself, ‘How many times would a lofted shot end up that close?’

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Submitted by wcmalone on

I have studied your manual and videos and have enjoyed them all. I believe that you are essentially teaching a throw ie. deconstructing the throw so we better understand how to throw the clubhead at the ball. A throw is a complex rotation of the arm supported by a complex movement of the body. This will be difficult to teach to the average adult club golfer who did not grow up as a kid playing baseball. The golf teaching industry appears to have decided that teaching a throw to this group is next to impossible. Many teachers have turned to teaching a not so complex body rotation that drives an arm swing (like tossing a medicine ball). Is it possible that on your side of the street there resides a group of throwing athletes and that on the other side of the street there are instructors teaching those who have difficulty with the throw?
Bill Malone
British Columbia

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Submitted by MikefromKy on

This is probably one of the easier golf swings to learn and play with. Its an old school style swing the way I learnt how to play when I started for the most part.
rotary swings are harder on the body . if anything this swing resembles skipping a stone.

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Submitted by monarkgolf on

I looked into the video and it is great and I think it is a very easy shot to learn in golf. But it becomes easier to learn Golf and its techniques after watching your videos and manuals. I fully agree with you.

Thank you.

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Submitted by Bill Frazer on

Rather then move my hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms, and shoulders when I putt a ball I have gone to wrist putting. I find it very reliable and am much more confident when I am using this technique. I even am finding that looking at the hole when I putt ( I would never be comfortable doing that with my original technique) works out pretty well, especially on short putts. All I do is make sure I line up my putter properly, grip the club with my hands locked against my crotch and break my wrists to the right as far back as I have figured I need to for the distance I desire and flick the club back through the ball. Try it -- what do you have to lose???

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Submitted by Hinklebl on

Years ago I purchased some lessons and had access to your account. My username was Hinklebl and my password was B37L41. I received E-mails and had access to your account. At that time my E-Mail was's picture

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I purchased a set of custom clubs from doc in Houston a few years ago. Best thing I’ve ever done. My question is do you keep the info on file in case I want to order another club?

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Submitted by mnugent3543 on

I noticed that DJ is using the "Down Under Board" a product of Bradley Hughes while practicing. Can we have a daily highlighting the benefits or liabilities of using it? Thanks.

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Submitted by mnugent3543 on

Don: Do you have tips, pointers or drills on moving the arms faster and increasing club head speed. Thanks

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Submitted by mnugent3543 on

Would you say the old Greg Norman swing was a vertical swing? What about Nick Faldo and Nick Price from 30 years ago? Today's LPGA players Christie Kerr or Brittany Lange, are they vertical?'s picture

Submitted by on

Been away from golf for a couple of years

Where can I get help to get my PPGS back?

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Submitted by on

Been away from golf for a couple of years

Where can I get help to get my PPGS back?

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It have been some time since I accessed my videos. When I tired to run some I got the following: video can't be played. help. I am running windows 10.

Chris Iorio

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Submitted by Tom Keenan on

Thank you for your email and very happy to hear Don is OK!
I took this opportunity to check my videos, most are still accessible however with one set; "10 Mistakes Amateurs Make", I get a message..."this video file cannot be played, (Error Code - 224003). Can this be fixed?

Thank you and best regards to Don!

Tom Keenan