How to hit a Stinger or Bullet Golf Shot in the Peak Performance Golf Swing

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 15:05 -- Don Trahan

A reader asks, how do you hit a stinger shot in the PPGS? First we explain what a "stinger" shot is as it is also called other names in golf. Tiger Woods was known for using this technique because he often times had little control over where his ball landed. It can also be used to keep your ball low, this is a type of Working The Ball technique like others covered in our video on the subject.

To accomplish this in the PPGS it is rather simple and has to do with controlling the backswing and forward up swing. The forward upswing is greatly truncated to produce this ball flight.

Are you interested in more ways to work the ball? Check out the trailing video of video Working The Ball.

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Submitted by Bagwhoward on

Do you push club back using left shoulder or take it back using arms in a one piece move back, then go straight up to top of swing. Thanks