Not Driving The Golf Ball Well - Check Your Shaft Length

Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:05 -- Don Trahan

A familiar topic, shaft length of golf clubs. What is the one thing we always say? That off the shelf clubs are never fit right; adjustments for your swing are always necessary.

Are you not hitting the ball well? Are you having problems with where you ball lands vs where you want it to go? You think your swing is terrible and you are playing with off the shelf clubs? The answer is probably not your swing if you got the fundamentals down. The problem is more than likely your equipment. To date, we have never had a case where off-the-shelf equipment is optimum for the golfer using it. Contact one of our certified fitters; they will be glad to help you get your game on track for this season!


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The video talked about the importance of shaft length for the driver but didn't address how to measure the length. The grip end is obvious, but where do I measure from at the head end of the shaft?

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If you look at the 2:38 spot of the video, Surge shows you how to measure the length correctly.

Doc Griffin
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Place the club in the normalk plaing position with the club head resting on the ground. For a Driver this will have a Lie Angle of about 58 degrees. Slide a 48" ruler down behind the shaft until it hits the ground behind the clubhead. Read the length using the top of the Grip cap as a reference. Where the top of the grip cap instersects the rule that is the length. For OEM Drivers probably something between 45 1/2 to 46 1/2 inches. Or to do it a better way, find a Swing Surgeon Certified Fitter and he will do it for you.
Frank Stranick, FS Golf
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I am getting back in to golf after a health issue. Knowing I am a little older and club head speed slowing down, I tried talking to a local club fitter. I am ~6'3" and have a long torso. When I told him a swing vertical and my driver is 1 inch shorter than standard, I thought the guy was going to have a stroke. Is having a short driver, standard woods, +1 irons and +1.5 wedges that uncommon?


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My G400 is 43 1/4" long, 2 1/4" shorter than the factory spec. My fairway hit percentage ranges between 80% and 95%. No problem with hitting fairways no matter how hard I swing. Plus it doubles as a strong fairway wood when needed.

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Hi I would like to get Don's and Doc's thoughts on this review.

I have included a link to a web site above that tries to answer if
1. Shorter driver shafts are more accurate
2. Shorter driver shafts produce more consistent distance
3. Longer driver shafts create more club head speed
4. Longer driver shafts create more ball speed
5. Longer driver shafts create longer drives
6.Only better players can benefit from longer shafts's picture

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approximately 10 years ago i was on my annual golf trip to Pinehurst from Pennsylvania I had a new Ping Anser driver that was 43 inched.
In 2 days of playing I hit 28 fairways !
I'm a 2 handicap I honestly believe it was the shorter shaft that gave me better control.