DJ Trahan Returns to the 2020 PGA Tour

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 21:04 -- Don Trahan

After eight years of trials, upsets, and hard work DJ has secured his PGA Tour card for 2020. It was a nail-biting close match at the Korn Ferry Tour Championship that determined the top 25 that would receive their PGA credentials for the 2020 season.

We here are the Trahan household look forward to the next season of golf and hope that the Surge Nation will help keep the momentum going. Follow DJ on tour for the coming year, and if you are at a tournament, please say hello!

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Submitted by mikemac012@symp... on

Congratulations DJ. I have been following your progress this year and wished I had gone to the Canadian Open to watch you.
I wish you success this season and will be following you throughout

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Submitted by dukerino on

Been following,and rooting for you since I became a Surge-it’s maybe 10 years ago. Proud of your determination and grit. Have a big year!

Dale S.'s picture

Submitted by Dale S. on

Congratulations D. J. It was enjoyable following your resurgence this year with the great performances even with limited appearances. I look forward to following you full time on tour this coming year. All the best.

Dale Stansbery

Plummer141's picture

Submitted by Plummer141 on

Congratulations DJ TRAHAN in securing your PGA 2020 credentials!! I will continue following you and PPGS!! GOOD LUCK @ Greenbrier!'s picture

Submitted by david_groth@yah... on

I had the pleasure of volunteering for TPC CO a few weeks ago, and it was a blast. Everyone were such great ball strikers. WAY TO GO DJ!!!!!

captain8morgan's picture

Submitted by captain8morgan on

Lots of sweat and tears these past several years, and finally the dedication and hardwork shone through today!! Your confidence and positive emotion after that last 8 iron shot showed everyone including me, that you are where you need to be. I am looking forward to tracking and watching you regularly, again. Best wishes for a great season, and I will look forward to hopefully seeing your Dad and you at TPC Norton, Massachusetts in 2020. Awesome!!
Just Tee It Up,
Bob M.'s picture

Submitted by on

Best wishes for the upcoming challenges. Keep the confidence up and the momentum going. Good Luck's picture

Submitted by jrowberry@eastl... on

Fantastic accomplishment, great putt on 18, I was thrilled to see you hang in there and get your card back. I am sure the Surge was pleased and proud to see you get it done.

Best wishes from Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Jack Rowberry

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Submitted by JPWR on

DJ many congratulations on your tour card. I have briefly met your Father a lovely person who I guess will be very proud. The best of luck.

Kind regards

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Submitted by rmasters@thevil... on

Way to go DJ. PPGS still works! We'll be watching for you at PGA tourneys. Stay healthy and play well!

wolftitan's picture

Submitted by wolftitan on

Congrats on regaining your card. Keep up the hard work and more great results will await you!! Go Tigers and Go DJ's picture

Submitted by on

Congrats DJ! SO glad you've earned your Tour Card for 2020! Surge Nation now has, once again, a full-time disciple displaying the benefits of the PPGS. Good luck at the Greenbrier!'s picture

Submitted by on

What an accomplishment for DJ. Patience and hard work does pay off. Congratulations to DJ, and of course to a very proud Father!!!!! Tom's picture

Submitted by on

Have been following you and got to see you make birdie this year at Pebble and was thinking you looked strong and determined. Great job getting your card and we are all pulling for you and proud of your accomplishment.
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Submitted by on

What a final 5 holes or so. Incredible focus and intensity and shot making. 18 was mastery. West Virginia is beautiful, good luck and fortune on TOUR . . . You got this Bro!'s picture

Submitted by on

I watched with anxious excitement last Sunday to see you earn your 2020 tour player's card. I have been following your father for several years and rooting for you came naturally. Did you decide to listen to your father again? Just kidding.
I will be praying that you make the best of your opportunity next year.

Sincerely, Jeff Rudolph's picture

Submitted by on

Hiya DJ! Well done and we here at the Surge's Landing are all happy and excited for you. It's been a big grind for you and if you apply the grit, perseverance, and determination that got you back in the PGA saddle again I'm certain you'll do well. You have a 100% fan in this guy and I hope we can get together if you play at the Hartford tournament next year. Best wishes!
Ray Gawlak (A Surgite since first seeing your dad on the Golf Channel way back when!)'s picture

Submitted by richguarini@yah... on

Best wishes. We will be watching and pulling for you. Keep it VERTICAL!

goducks7's picture

Submitted by goducks7 on

I tell people about the Peak Performance Swing and now we can point to you! Outstanding! Alignment! Alignment! Alignment! Surge Nation will be pulling for you!

Larry Hink,

coos Bay, Oregon's picture

Submitted by on

Congrats on getting your tour card. I know you will make your dad and all of us “Surgites” proud. And above all keep it vertical.

Monongahela, PA 15063's picture

Submitted by on

Wow, what a way to finish - the birdie on 18 was a thing of beauty. I watched it on the Golf channel, and you hit several great putts on the back 9 that just missed, but a perfect drive and and what an approach shot on 18. And a clutch putt. Best of luck to you next season.'s picture

Submitted by on

Good job, now have a great year

Robert Fleck's picture

Submitted by Robert Fleck on

Great work this year, DJ! Looking forward to seeing you on a lot more leader boards this year!'s picture

Submitted by grantwark@amnet... on

my buddy from WESTERN AUSTRALIA "CURTIS LUCK" has returned to ORLANDO TO GET READY for the KORN FERRY RGDS grant wark's picture

Submitted by on

I am 78 and caddied in my younger days and playing for 65 or so.

My game from the senior tees is right around an 80. It could be at least a few stokes better with consistent putting. I use the sun caused shadow to find NW direction and grain direction to control speed. Really don't get a good feel for grain otherwise. Up or down hill computed.
Again just not consistent with good puts.
Do you use a checklist of factors to evaluate the putts?

EvelynU's picture

Submitted by EvelynU on

Hi DJ! My name is Evelyn and I was a volunteer Marshal at the PGA Tour in Bermuda that ended yesterday. I was at Hole #11 and I believe you gave me a golf ball as a souvenir when passing by. This was such a nice gesture :) I tried to find you at the Club House after but security would not allow me to enter. Please let me know if you're still in Bermuda and can sign the ball for me! Thank you! :)

Walburghian's picture

Submitted by Walburghian on

Delighted to see he is leading at Sea Island

captain8morgan's picture

Submitted by captain8morgan on

Well done D.J.. Wish that your putter had stayed warm yesterday afternoon and especially, today. Thought that your ball striking was the best to date! Seems like you can look forward to more continued success in 2020. Looks like Todd is in great shape now, too. Best wishes to Team Trahan in 2020!
Warmest Regards,
Coach RM

LongJohnSilver's picture

Submitted by LongJohnSilver on

DJ made us all proud BUT it begs the question....

What the hell is going on with the continued mainstream refusal to acknowledge the PPGS !!??

Did you guys notice virtually no coverage of DJ even when he was leading the tournament and the commentator asking “whats with the chicken wing!!??”

Anyway I could go on and on suffice to say the Surge deserves to be in the golfing hall of fame and DJ is an inspiration

Does anyone know DJ’s forthcoming tournament schedule? Assuming of course his game gets the airtime he deserves...

PPGS = the secret sauce...


msherer260's picture

Submitted by msherer260 on

D J NOT USING PPGS on driver swing club is far from being up right, wrist are setting and releasing on iron shots...same as 5 years ago when I watched him on range before a round...'s picture

Submitted by on

I am glad to see you back on tour, I didn't realize at has been so long.
Hope you have a great season, at least have fun and make a little money.'s picture

Submitted by alf.jadvall@hot... on

I have not recive any videos since last oktober 2019?'s picture

Submitted by peterdfinley@ho... on

Congrats on your card DJ's picture

Submitted by peterdfinley@ho... on

Congrats on your card DJ

Bill Frazer's picture

Submitted by Bill Frazer on

Using a wrist putting technique I can get enough strength in my hands to hit a golf ball 60 feet across a green . Why would I need to move my hands, wrists,forearms. upper arms and shoulders to get the same distance?????

Bill Frazer

Bill Frazer's picture

Submitted by Bill Frazer on

Using a wrist putting technique I can get enough strength in my hands to hit a golf ball 60 feet across a green . Why would I need to move my hands, wrists,forearms. upper arms and shoulders to get the same distance?????

Bill Frazer's picture

Submitted by paulprebble@gma... on

What can you do to get a consistent tempo in your swing? I know when I have to hit a layup shot and swing easy, the ball travels so freely. When there is water or other hazards, my swing is not pretty. I have observed others doing the same thing. It amazes me to see the pros have such good tempo. Do you have any mental tips to help in this area. Paul, Saint Simons Island GA's picture

Submitted by on

The hazards are making you focus on the outcome instead of the process. If you're thinking about the hazard, you're focused on the hazard instead of the target. I use a self hypnosis audio for hitting over hazards.

mnugent3543's picture

Submitted by mnugent3543 on

Don: It seems to me that if I allow my arms to drop straight down at the same time as the bump, it puts me in a "slot" position to execute the shot. Am I right or out in right field?'s picture

Submitted by on

I have a issue with topping the golf ball. It seems I come out of my stance or change spin angle from setup to impact. What could be the cause of it?

David Wulff's picture

Submitted by David Wulff on

Always look for DJ's name during tournaments. Congratulations!