Spring Tune Up Sale and Presidents Day Sale

The Peak Performance Golf Swing Introductory Package
This is it. The ultimate package for the most “body friendly” golf swing available today. Nobody comes close! Developed by Don Trahan, a PGA Master Professional, and a former Golf Magazine "Top 50 Instructor," this proven method has changed the game for PGA and LPGA Tour players as well as... Read More
Working the Ball on the Course
Let's face it, the way most pros intentionally create a draw/hook or a fade/slice is to change their grip and either over-rotate or under-rotate their hands through impact. That's certainly one way to work the ball, but in our opinion, it doesn't give you enough control over how much shape is... Read More
The Ultimate Golf Alignment Video
I have been teaching golf for over 35 years now and so I've learned a few universal truths about the golf swing. Without a doubt, the number one truth is this: 90-95% of ALL swing problems are caused by bad alignment. That's a pretty sobering thought, isn't it? I have students ask me all the time... Read More
Situational Shots: On The Course – Digital
Building off the fundamentals learned in "Working The Ball", Surge takes you out on the course for an advance lesson in shot shaping, using 14 real-life situations that nearly every golfer encounters. Shot in high definition video, "Situational Shots: On The Course" is a fully-illustrated step-by-... Read More